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Sample of Certificate of Incorporation

A Certificate of Incorporation establishes the identity of a company, it can be called as an identity maker for a company. It's a very essential document for any company. It carries the CIN i.e. the corporate identity number of the company. 

It is primarily issued at the time of the incorporation of a company and at every subsequent change of name of the company. It is issued to a company by the statutory authority.

This Certificate is issued by the Registrar of Companies(ROC) of the respective states where the company is incorporated. As per the companies act 2013, ROCs issue certificate of incorporation in Form No. INC. 11. In case of change of name, ROC issues certificate of incorporation in Form No. INC 25.

SPECIMEN OF CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION (in case of fresh incorporation)

 Certificate of Incorporation of Companies

Note: The format of Certificate of Incorporation is different in case it is issued subsequent to the change of name by a company.

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