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CIN Corporate Identity Number FCRN, LLPIN, FLLPIN, GLN


CIN is the short form of "Corporate Identity Number".
GLN is the short form of "Global Location Number".
FCRN is the short form of "Foreign Company Registration Number".
LLPIN is the short form of "Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number".
FLLPIN is the short form of "Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number".

Meaning and Components of CIN

When a company gets registered in India, be it an Indian Company, whether Public Company (listed or unlisted) or a Private Company or even a Foreign Company having a place of business in India or otherwise, it is allotted with a Unique 21 digit identification number known as ‘Corporate Identity Number’ in short ‘CIN’.


(1) CIN of Reliance Industries Limited is L17110MH1973PLC019786.
(2) CIN of TATA Industries Limited is U44003MH1945PLC004403.

Constituents of 21 Digits CIN

1st Digit
Either it is ‘L’ or ‘U’, where L stands for Listed Companies, U stands for Unlisted Companies.
Next 5 Digits
The next 5 digits stand for the Industry Code of the Company. In India it is known as ‘National Industrial Classification-2004’ (NIC-2004)
Next 2 digits
The next 2 digits stand for the State Code for the Company. The State wherein its registered office is situated.
Next 4 digits
The next 4 digits stand for the ‘Incorporation Year’ of the Company
Next 3 digits
The next 3 digits stand for the 'Type of the Company' whether Public Limited Company (PLC) or Private Limited Company (PTC). (In case of a Private limited company which is a subsidiary of a Foreign Company, it is FTC.
Last 6 digits
The last 6 digits stand for the Registration No. under the respective Registrar of Companies (ROC).

How to find CIN of a company?

Check Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) web portal to find out the CIN / FCRN / LLPIN / FLLPIN of a Company / LLP registered in India.