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Additional Info

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Guest Posts Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing guest post(s) for our blog!

We highly appreciate the Guest Post submissions, which are unique, well-written and high quality articles having a niche.

A. Topics for Guest Posts

As the posts in our blog relates mainly to the various issues of Corporates in India, we would prefer to publish your guest post(s) in our blog which relates subjects viz. Finance, Indian Law, Corporate Law, Economics, Management, Strategic matters etc.

We may allow other topics too depending upon the content quality of your article.

It is our sincere request that the articles be mostly of interpretive in nature, articles which relate to a practical experience will be good to go. An Article may also contain documentation details relating to any practical case wholly or partly.

B. How you can submit Guest Post(s).

You are requested to follow the following procedure:

  • Please send us an email at [email protected], mentioning the subject line as “GUEST POST”.

  • In the mail please give a brief about who you are. If possible, give us a link to your Linkedin id / Google plus id / Twitter id (linkedin id is preferable).

  • State the title of your proposed post.

  • Give us a brief about the post (very short 3-4 lines only), if possible give us some links wherein the topic is discussed;

  • You may please tell us how our readers would benefit from your article;

  • Provide links to your other guest posts in different web places;

  • Send your proposed guest post (including the author’s credit at the end of the article) as an attachment to the mail in a Word .doc format. (no other format allowed)

NB: Please do not attach too many stuff in your mail as it might lead to landing in our spam mail.

C. When will your Guest Post be published?

  • Verification: After receipt of your mail, it'll be primarily verified to check the relevancy of the topic of the article for our blog;

  • Review: Once it is verified that the topic of the article relates to our blog’s subject matter, then we will review the article from the point of view of quality checks and will then let you know our remarks for approval or rejection;

  • Edit: Once we approve your guest post, we may also ask you to modify some of the things in the article and/or we may also modify the article to certain extent to ensure grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc;

  • Your approval: Before we go ahead finally for publishing your article in the blog, we will send you the final copy of the whole text of the article to your mail id for your final approval. If you do not reply or give your approval then we will consider it as your rejection for publishing the same.

  • Post publication: After your article is published we will try to mail you a link for the same, if you have any query or objection- please revert to the mail.
D. Timeline for Publication


  • Acknowledgement of the receipt of your mail for guest post: 1-2 days;

  • Revert from us after reviewing your guest post: 2-3 days;

  • Final publication: within 1 week but may take 1-2 month in some cases.

We try our best to not to waste much of your time and try to review and publish your article as soon as possible, but in case it gets delayed for unavoidable reasons please excuse us in advance for the same.

E. A Query instead a guest post

You can also enquire with us about the subject matter or topic for which you want to submit the guest post; we would certainly try to revert to you for the same. If we are not able to reply back then you may assume it as our non-approval.

F. Acceptance / Rejection


Articles which are :

  •     unique (not published anywhere else in the internet),

  •   well-written (limited words, paragraph wise numbered / bulleted, lists as it makes reading much easier)

  •     use of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

  •     high quality articles having a niche

  •     having tutorials (including video tutorials)

will be accepted very soon.


Your submission will probably get rejected, if you do the following things:

  • submissions with a “visit my site” or “check out my product” type feel will not be accepted. Likewise,

  • submissions which appear to be strictly PR- or SEO-related will not be accepted.

  • too many non-working links in the articles

Still we will give you a chance to modify the same and take corrective actions in the post, so as to enable us review your post again.

G. Reply to Comments of your published Guest Post

Once your article is up in our blog; the users may put comments to it, we would try to notify you of the comment(s) to your post. Please try to answer to those. Keep visiting your post(s) in our blog so as to get updated on user queries.

H. General Guidelines/Rules/Terms:
While we appreciate your interest in publishing articles in our blog, we have outlined some rules/guidelines for publishing the same. There are also some other terms and conditions, which you must follow before and after sending us a mail for Guest Post.

  • No Guarantee of Publication

Please note that even after we receive your article:

(1) we are not bound to publish your article in our blog;

(2) we may post one or more of the articles submitted by you;

  • Author's credit in the post

We prefer to give credit to you for your article by way of including a brief bio only for your first post, as it would be sort of an introduction to the visitors, then from the next post onwards we will only give you credit by mentioning "Article by ............, (Company/Organisation Name, if any)". Links to your name and organisation can be of your own choice.

However we reserve our discretion to adopt the different ways of giving credit for different authors.

  • Monetary compensation

No monetary compensation will be paid for the guest posts in our blog.

In case, guest posts/articles are submitted on behalf of a company/organisation for promotional or any other purpose, the same may be charged appropriately after agreed terms of arrangement.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

By submitting your guest post/article, the Author of the Guest Post agrees that he/she has tried with utmost integrity to come out with his/her original script on the subject matter of his/her article(s) and he/she hereby acknowledges that he/she has not copied from any anybody-else's, be it individual or organisation, original work. The Author of the Guest post are liable to take all precautions for ensuring non-violation of the intellectual property rights of the Guest post.

Disclaimer: This blog and its owner is not liable for any damages or any kind consequential losses, which might cause to anybody (individual/organisation) for any guest post(s).

  • Removal of Published Guest Post

We may remove your published guest post from our blog at any point of time with or without giving you a prior/post notice of the same.

At last, rest assured that in case we don’t publish your article in our blog; your article will not be shared with anybody apart from the team members and associates of this blog(which is only for evaluation purpose). 

We encourage you to try your best to adhere to the above guidelines and other terms so that your articles can get published soon.

We at CorporateCases would like to wish you 'Best of Luck' for all of your great guest post(s) for our blog. 

Don’t worry, we may sound strict but we will also think from your point of view while reviewing the articles for publishing in our blog.

Thank you once again. :)