Appointment of Representative - Section 187 (Resolution)

If any Indian Company, which is a member of another Indian Company, wants to appoint any representative to attend the general meeting of any Company, then it can do so by authorizing any person by way of passing a Board Resolution, the format can be as follows:

Appointment of Representative for attending General Meeting of Investee Companies

It was brought to the notice of the Board of Directors that the Company has received a Notice of Annual General meeting / Extra Ordinary General meeting to be held on (Date, time, venue) from a Investee Company i.e. ______ and considering the importance of the business to be transacted in that General Meeting, it is necessary to nominate a Representative to attend and vote on behalf of the company, in the General Meetings of other Companies in which the Company may be having investments from time to time. The matter was discussed and upon motion passed and seconded, it was

"RESOLVED THAT pursuant to the provisions of Section 187 of the Companies Act, 1956, Mr. / Ms. (Name) be and is hereby authorised as the representatives of the Company to attend, vote and appoint proxy(ies) at   the Annual General Meeting/Extra Ordinary General Meeting to be held from time to time of the Investee Company i.e. ______ as long as the Company has investment."

If any member of a Company is a foreign Company, then such foreign Company in order to attend the General Meeting of the Indian Company, has to pass a Resolution at the Board Meeting of that Foreign Company authorizing any person to attend the general meeting of the Indian Company in which it has got its holdings.