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Board Resolution for Appointment of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company is the most prestigious post in a company. Every listed company and public company whose paid capital is Rs. 10 crores or more are required to appoint whole-time key managerial personnel. Under companies act 2013, a CEO is considered as one of the key managerial personnel.

The following template of board resolution can be used for appointment of CEO by Board of Directors of a company.

Board Resolution for Appointment of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

"RESOLVED THAT in pursuance of the provisions of Section 2(18) of the Companies Act, 2013, Mr. K Nat, be and is hereby appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company with effect from _____________.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT any Mr. H Yer, Director-Legal be and is hereby authorized to issue appointment letter and enter into necessary agreement with Mr. K Nat to give effect to the appointment, with the following terms being given effect in the appointment letter and the agreement:

a) Salary - in the range of Rs. 60 to 80 lacs p.a.
b) Allowances & perquisites - Rs. 10 lacs p.a.
c) In addition to the above, he will also received following benefits as per policy/rules of the Company or as approved by the Board from time to time:
• Car facility with driver;
• Infrastructure Facilities at residence such as Telephone(s), Fax(es), Computers, Laptops, Video
conference facility, internet and broadband etc. ;
• Mobile phone(s), hand held email devices;
• Company’s contribution to Provident Fund and Superannuation Fund;
• Payment of Gratuity and other Retiral Benefits; and
• Encashment of leave.
d) Responsibility areas:
• Project handling
• ________
• __________
• ______

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