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Priority Sector Targets: Lending to Non-corporate Farmers- FY 2019-20

RBI Notification No. FIDD.CO.Plan.BC.No.11/04.09.01/2019-20 dated September 19, 2019 (addressed to all Scheduled Commercial Banks including Regional Rural Banks, Small Finance Banks and Foreign banks with more than 20 branches).—

Please refer to our Circular No. FIDD.CO.Plan.BC.08/04.09.01/2015-16 dated July 16, 2015 advising, inter alia, that the system-wide average of the last three years achievement with regard to overall direct lending to non-corporate farmers will be notified every year.

2. In this connection, we advise that the applicable system wide average figure for computing achievement under priority sector lending for the FY 2019-20 is 12.11 percent.

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