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[RBI] Data on India’s International Trade in Services for July 2019

Sep 13, 2019: The Reserve Bank releases monthly data on India’s international trade in services with a lag of around 45 days.

The value of exports and imports of services during the month of July 2019 are given in the following Table.

International Trade in Services

Receipts (Exports)
April-2019 : US$ 18,062 mn
May-2019 : US$ 18,679 mn
June-2019 : US$ 18,552 mn
July-2019 : US$ 19,084 mn

Payments (Imports)
April-2019 : US$ 11,402 mn
May-2019 : US$ 12,492 mn
June-2019 : US$ 11,758 mn
July-2019 : US$ 12,829 mn

Note: Data are provisional.

Monthly data on services are provisional and would undergo revision when the Balance of Payments (BoP) data are released on a quarterly basis.

Source: RBI

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