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Section 98 of Mental Healthcare Act 2017: Discharge Planning

Section 98 (Discharge planning) under Chapter XII (Admission, Treatment and Discharge) of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 —

❝(1) Whenever a person undergoing treatment for mental illness in a mental health establishment is to be discharged into the community or to a different mental health establishment or where a new psychiatrist is to take responsibility of the person's care and treatment, the psychiatrist who has been responsible for the person's care and treatment shall consult with the person with mental illness, the nominated representative, the family member or care-giver with whom the person with mental illness shall reside on discharge from the hospital, the psychiatrist expected to be responsible for the person's care and treatment in the future, and such other persons as may be appropriate, as to what treatment or services would be appropriate for the person.

(2) The psychiatrist responsible for the person's care shall in consultation with the persons referred to in sub-section (1) ensure that a plan is developed as to how treatment or services shall be provided to the person with mental illness.

(3) The discharge planning under this section shall apply to all discharges from a mental health establishment.❞

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