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Section 41 Mental Healthcare Act 2017: Functions of CEO of Central Authority

Section 41 (Functions of chief executive officer of Central Authority) under Chapter VII (Central Mental Health Authority) of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 —

❝(1) The chief executive officer shall be the legal representative of the Central Authority and shall be responsible for—
 (a) the day-to-day administration of the Central Authority;
 (b) implementing the work programmes and decisions adopted by the Central Authority;
 (c) drawing up of proposal for the Central Authority's work programmes;
 (d) the preparation of the statement of revenue and expenditure and the execution of the budget of the Central Authority.

(2) Every year, the chief executive officer shall submit to the Central Authority for approval—
 (a) a general report covering all the activities of the Central Authority in the previous year;
 (b) programmes of work;
 (c) the annual accounts for the previous year; and
 (d) the budget for the coming year.

(3) The chief executive officer shall have administrative control over the officers and other employees of the Central Authority.❞

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