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Section 40 Mental Healthcare Act 2017: Officers & other employees of Central Authority

Section 40 (Officers and other employees of Central Authority) under Chapter VII (Central Mental Health Authority) of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 —

❝(1) There shall be a chief executive officer of the Authority, not below the rank of the Director to the Government of India, to be appointed by the Central Government.

(2) The Authority may, with the approval of the Central Government, determine the number, nature and categories of other officers and employees required by the Central Authority in the discharge of its functions.

(3) The salaries and allowances payable to, and the other terms and conditions of service (including the qualifications, experience and manner of appointment) of, the chief executive officer and other officers and employees of the Central Authority shall be such as may be specified by regulations with the approval of the Central Government.❞

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