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Section 23 of Mental Healthcare Act 2017: Right to Confidentiality

Section 23 (Right to confidentiality) under Chapter V (Rights of Persons with Mental Illness) of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 —

❝(1) A person with mental illness shall have the right to confidentiality in respect of his mental health, mental healthcare, treatment and physical healthcare.

(2) All health professionals providing care or treatment to a person with mental illness shall have a duty to keep all such information confidential which has been obtained during care or treatment with the following exceptions, namely:—

 (a) release of information to the nominated representative to enable him to fulfil his duties under this Act;

 (b) release of information to other mental health professionals and other health professionals to enable them to provide care and treatment to the person with mental illness;

 (c) release of information if it is necessary to protect any other person from harm or violence;

 (d) only such information that is necessary to protect against the harm identified shall be released;

 (e) release only such information as is necessary to prevent threat to life;

 (f) release of information upon an order by concerned Board or the Central Authority or High Court or Supreme Court or any other statutory authority competent to do so; and

 (g) release of information in the interests of public safety and security.❞

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