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Section 15A of the Citizenship Act 1955: Review

Section 15A (Review) of the Citizenship Act 1955

❝(1) Any person aggrieved by an order made by the Central Government, may, within thirty days from the date of such order, make an application for review of such order:

 Provided that the Central Government may entertain an application after the expiry of the said period of thirty days, if it is satisfied that the applicant was prevented by sufficient cause from making the application in time:

 Provided further that an application for a review of an order passed in terms of the provisions of section 14A shall be disposed of in the manner provided for in the procedure as may be laid down under clause (ia) of sub-section (2) of section 18.

(2) On receipt of an application under sub-section (1), the Central Government shall, make such order as it deems fit, and the decision of the Central Government on such review shall be final.❞



The Citizenship Act, 1955 has been amended several times since its enactment.
- the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 1957 (65 of 1957);
- the Repealing and Amending Act, 1960 (58 of 1960);
- the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 1985 (65 of 1985);
- the Delegated Legislation Provisions (Amendment) Act, 1985 (4 of 1986);
- the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 1986 (51 of 1986);
- the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 1992 (39 of 1992);
- the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2003 (06 of 2004);
- the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2005 (32 of 2005);
- the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2015 (01 of 2015).

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