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Sec 34A, Copyright Act 1957: Payment of Remunerations by Copyright Society

Section 34A (Payment of remunerations by copyright society) under Chapter VII (Copyright Societies) of the Copyright Act 1957

❝(1) If the Central Government is of the opinion that a copyright society for a class of work is generally administering the rights of the owners of rights in such work throughout India, it shall appoint that society for the purpose of this section.

(2) The copyright society shall, subject to such rules as may be made in this behalf, frame a scheme for determining the quantum of remuneration payable to individual copyright owners having regard to the number of copies of the work in circulation:

 Provided that such scheme shall restrict payment to the owners of rights whose works have attained a level of circulation which the copyright society considers reasonable.❞



Section 34A of the Copyright Act 1957 was OMITTED by the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012 (No. 27 of 2012), sec. 22, w.e.f. 21-Jun-2012.

Chapter VII was substituted by the Copyright (Amendment) Act 1994 (No. 38 of 1994), sec. 11, w.e.f. 10-May-1995.

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