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Sec 10, Copyright Act 1957: Registrar and Deputy Registrars of Copyrights

Section 10 (Registrar and Deputy Registrars of Copyrights) under Chapter II (Copyright Office and Appellate Board) of the Copyright Act 1957

❝(1) The Central Government shall appoint a Registrar of Copyrights and may appoint one or more Deputy Registrars of Copyrights.

(2) A Deputy Registrar of Copyrights shall discharge under the superintendence and direction of the Registrar of Copyrights such functions of the Registrar under this Act as the Registrar may, from time to time, assign to him; and any reference in this Act to the Registrar of Copyrights shall include a reference to a Deputy Registrar of Copyrights when so discharging any such functions.❞

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