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Sec 64, Copyright Act 1957: Power of Police to Seize Infringing Copies

Section 64 (Power of police to seize infringing copies) under Chapter XIII (Offences) of the Copyright Act 1957

❝(1) Any police officer, not below the rank of a sub-inspector, may, if he is satisfied that an offence under section 63 in respect of the infringement of copyright in any work has been, is being, or is likely to be, committed, seize without warrant, all copies of the work, and all plates used for the purposes of making infringing copies of the work, wherever found, and all copies and plates so seized shall, as soon as practicable be produced before a Magistrate.

(2) Any person having an interest in any copies of a work, or plates seized under sub-section (1) may, within fifteen days of such seizure, make an application to the Magistrate for such copies, or plates being restored to him and the Magistrate, after hearing the applicant and the complainant and making such further inquiry as may be necessary, shall make such order on the application as he may deem fit.❞



Section 64 of the Copyright Act 1957 was amended by:
- the Copyright (Amendment) Act 1984 (No. 65 of 1984), sec. 7, w.e.f. 8-Oct-1984.

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