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Section 24 of Trade Marks Act 1999: Jointly Owned Trade Marks

Section 24 (Jointly owned trade marks) under Chapter III (Procedure for and Duration of Registration) of Trade Marks Act 1999 ⦂‒

❝(1) Save as provided in sub-section (2), nothing in this Act shall authorise the registration of two or more persons who use a trade mark independently, or propose so to use it, as joint proprietors thereof.

(2) Where the relations between two or more persons interested in a trade mark are such that no one of them is entitled as between himself and the other or others of them to use it except—

  (a) on behalf of both or all of them; or
  (b) in relation to an article or service with which both or all of them are connected in the course of trade,

those persons may be registered as joint proprietors of the trade mark, and this Act shall have effect in relation to any rights to the use of the trade mark vested in those persons as if those rights had been vested in a single person.❞

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