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First Schedule, Factories Act 1948: List of Industries Involving Hazardous Processes


❝1. Ferrous Metallurgical industries
      —Integrated Iron and Steel
      —Special Steels

2. Non-ferrous Metallurgical Industries
    —Primary Metallurgical Industries, namely, size, lead, copper, manganese and aluminium

3. Foundries (ferrous and non-ferrous)
    —Castings and forgings including cleaning or smoothening/roughening by sand and shot blasting

4. Coal (including coke) industries
    —Coal Lignite, coke, etc.
    —Fuel Gases (including Coal Gas, Producer Gas, Water Gas)

5. Power Generating Industries

6. Pulp and paper (including paper products) industries

7. Fertiliser Industries

8. Cement Industries
    —Portland Cement (including slag cement, puzzolona cement and their products)

9. Petroleum industries
    —Oil Refining
    —Lubricating Oils and Greases

10. Petro-chemical Industries

11. Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industries
      —Narcotics, Drugs and Pharmaceutical

12. Fermentation Industries (Distilleries and Breweries)

13. Rubber (Synthetic Industries)

14. Paints and Pigment Industries

15. Leather Tanning Industries

16. Electroplating Industries

17. Chemical Industries
      —Coke Oven By-products and Coal tar Distillation products
    —Industrial Gases (nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide halogenated hydrocarbon, ozone, etc.)
     —Industrial Carbon
      —Alkalies and Acids
      —Chromates and dichromates
      —Leads and its compounds
      —Electro chemicals (metallic sodium, potassium and magnesium, chlorates, perchlorates and peroxides)
      —Electro thermal produces (artificial abrasive, calcium carbide)
      —Nitrogenous compounds (cyanides, cyanamides, and other nitrogenous compounds)
      —Phosphorous and its compounds
      —Halogens and Halogenated compounds (Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromine and Iodine)
      —Explosives (including industrial explosives and detonators and fuses)

18. Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and other Pesticides Industries

19. Synthetic Resin and Plastics

20. Man-made Fiber (Cellulosic and non-cellulosic) industry

21. Manufacture and repair of electrical accumulators

22. Glass and Ceramics

23. Grinding or glazing of metals

24. Manufacture, handling and processing of asbestos and its products

25. Extraction of oils and fats from vegetable and animal sources

26. Manufacture, handling and use of benzene and substances containing benzene

27. Manufacturing processes and operations involving carbon disulphide

28. Dyes and Dyestuff including their intermediates

29. Highly flammable liquids and gases.❞



The Factories Act 1948 was amended by the:
- Repealing and Amending Act, 1949 (No. 40 of 1949);
- Repealing and Amending Act, 1950 (No. 35 of 1950);
- Adaptation of Laws Order, 1950 (A.O. 1950);
- Factories (Amendment) Act, 1954 (No. 25 of 1954);
- Central Labour Laws (Extension to Jammu and Kashmir) Act, 1970 (No. 51 of 1970);
- Factories (Amendment) Act, 1976 (No. 94 of 1976);
- Factories (Amendment) Act, 1987 (No. 20 of 1987).

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