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Sec 30, Information Tech. Act 2000: Cert. Authority to follow certain procedures

Information Technology Act 2000

Chapter VI (Regulation of Certifying Authorities)

Section 30 (Certifying Authority to follow certain procedures)

❝Every Certifying Authority shall,—
(a) make use of hardware, software and procedures that are secure from intrusion and misuse;
(b) provide a reasonable level of reliability in its services which are reasonably suited to the performance of intended functions;
(c) adhere to security procedures to ensure that the secrecy and privacy of the electronic signature are assured;
(ca) be the repository of all electronic signature Certificates issued under this Act;
(cb) publish information regarding its practices, electronic signature Certificates and current status of such certificates; and
(d) observe such other standards as may be specified by regulations.❞



Modifications by the Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008 (w.e.f. 27-10-2009):
- in clause (c), for the words “Digital Signature”, the words "electronic signature" were substituted;
- the word “and” at the end of clause (c) was omitted;
- clauses (ca) and (cb) were newly inserted.

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