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Sec 24, Payment & Settlement Systems Act 2007: Settlement of Disputes

The Payment and Settlement Systems Act 2007,

Chapter VI (Settlement of Disputes),

Section 24 (Settlement of Disputes) :‒

❝(1) The system provider shall make provision in its rules or regulations for creation of panel consisting of not less than three system participants other than the system participants who are parties to the dispute to decide the disputes between system participants in respect of any matter connected with the operation of the payment system.

(2) Where any dispute in respect of any matter connected with the operation of the payment system arises between two or more system participants, the system provider shall refer the dispute to the panel referred to in sub-section (1).

(3) Where any dispute arises between any system participant and the system provider or between system providers or where any of the system participants is not satisfied with the decision of the panel referred to in sub-section (1), the dispute shall be referred to the Reserve Bank.

(4) The dispute referred to the Reserve Bank for adjudication under sub-section (3) shall be disposed of by an officer of the Reserve Bank generally or specially authorised in this behalf and the decision of the Reserve Bank shall be final and binding.

(5) Where a dispute arises between the Reserve Bank, while acting in its capacity as system provider or as system participant, and another system provider or system participant, the matter shall be referred to the Central Government which may authorise an officer not below the rank of Joint Secretary for settlement of the dispute and the decision of such officer shall be final.❞

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