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Sec 22, Payment & Settlement Systems Act 2007: Duty to keep docs confidential

The Payment and Settlement Systems Act 2007,

Chapter V (Rights and Duties of a System Provider),

Section 22 (Duty to keep documents in the payment system confidential) :‒

❝(1) A system provider shall not disclose to any other person the existence or contents of any document or part thereof or other information given to him by a system participant, except where such disclosure is required under the provisions of this Act or the disclosure is made with the express or implied consent of the system participant concerned or where such disclosure is in obedience to the orders passed by a court of competent jurisdiction or a statutory authority in exercise of the powers conferred by a statute.

(2) The provisions of the Bankers' Book Evidence Act, 1891(18 of 1991) shall apply in relation to the information or documents or other books in whatever form maintained by the system provider.❞

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