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Six Practical Tips For A Financially Safe Retirement

The word retirement brings both joy and fatigue. Joy how? You know that that will be the time of your life when you will finally be relaxing and getting the rest you deserve after the hard working years. The vacations, time that you can spend with your friends and family makes you smile, but there are few things that threaten your peace of mind.

The anxiety you feel with the thought of finance after retirement is very, very real. Some people even fail to cope up with this stress entirely and fall into serious health problems. So here are six practical tips for a financially safe retirement.


Insurance was once an alien word. A word that frightened us all but now things are changing and maybe for good. Insurance seems like a necessity and people without it seem weird now. As we advance in age our healthy issue spikes and we need more care and someone to tell us that they have got our back and insurance do that for you. Following are the two insurance that you must have if you are approaching your retirement period.



IRA accounts are another way of securing your future today by depositing a particular amount to the account. If you are not fully aware of the pro and cons of this account then search up the internet, it is full of it. Personal Income especially has some great reviews to check in.


The word investment always reminds me of the time when our parents use to be scared of investment and would just save up the cash to their bank, expecting it to lay eggs on its own. We, the new generation is different, we like things in our hand, and we like things to be secure too. Following are few investment ideas for you if you are a beginner and needs a heads up.



People who live on rent know how much of their income goes to the landlord and it is quite an amount. While we are earning that amount is payable, but after retirement, things get changed, and we need to cut off many of our payments to save us from debts.

Buy a house while you can and live there in peace afterward. Finding your dream house is no joke, so here is a checklist for you as a guide.

 o Go to a realtor that you know you can trust.
 o Always and always, check the documents of the house you are buying. You do not want to put in a lot of money and afterward come to the conclusion that you dealt with a scamster. 
 o Consider your future before buying a house. It's a long-term investment after all. 


We work hard our whole life in the hope that after retirement we can relax, but after retirement, we realize that we have been custom to so much work that now it is almost impossible to do nothing. With the time in hand, we think of ridicules things that we should not be thinking, and a good hobby can make things better and if the hobby pays off then even better.

 o Stock marketing
 o Blogging
 o Umpiring
 o Crafting
 o Photography
 o Music teaching
 o Babysitter
 o Pet sitter
 o Painting
 o Styling


We are accustomed to credit cards, and we feel fine about it, but as a finance expert, I know it is not. Try to be a wiseacre and make the payments on time so that you do not end up in debts.

Author Bio: Sarah Smith has been a personal finance author for the last five years. She is also, an independent and very passionate finance and investment advisor. She regularly posts at  PersonalIncome . org