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Section 8, Legal Metrology Act 2009: Standard Weight, Measure Or Numeral

Section 8 (Standard weight, measure or numeral) under Chapter II (Standard Weights and Measures) of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, reads as follows:—

(1) Any weight or measure which conforms to the standard unit of such weight or measure and also conforms to such of the provisions of section 7 as are applicable to it shall be the standard weight or measure.

(2) Any numeral which conforms to the provisions of section 6 shall be the standard numeral.

(3) No weight, measure or numeral, other than the standard weight, measure or numeral, shall be used as a standard weight, measure or numeral.

(4) No weight or measure, shall be manufactured or imported unless it conforms to the standards of weight or measure specified under section 8:

Provided that provisions of this section shall not apply for manufacture done exclusively for export or for the purpose of any scientific investigation or research.

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