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Section 4, Prohibition Of Child Marriage Act 2006: Female Contracting Party

Section 4 of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006: Provision for maintenance and residence to female contracting party to child marriage.—

(1) While granting a decree under section 3, the district court may also make an interim or final order directing the male contracting party to the child marriage, and in case the male contracting party to such marriage is a minor, his parent or guardian to pay maintenance to the female contracting party to the marriage until her remarriage.

(2) The quantum of maintenance payable shall be determined by the district court having regard to the needs of the child, the lifestyle enjoyed by such child during her marriage and the means of income of the paying party.

(3) The amount of maintenance may be directed to be paid monthly or in lump sum.

(4) In case the party making the petition under section 3 is the female contracting party, the district court may also make a suitable order as to her residence until her remarriage.

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