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8 Great Job Opportunities for Law Students & Graduates in India

India has over 1.2 million registered advocates and 950 law schools, according to the website of Bar Council of India. Nearly half a million students are enrolled in law colleges. About 70,000 students graduate in law every year, the council states. For a country with population of nearly 1.32 billion, the number of lawyers appears grossly low, though India’s judicial system has won praises worldwide as independent and fair.

With old, archaic laws of India being scrapped and replaced with new ones or being amended, the entire judicial process of the country is witnessing reforms. Hence, students who opt for law courses stand excellent opportunities of striking a big career after graduation. Here we look at great job opportunities for students enrolled for law courses and upon completion of their studies.

Law Jobs before Graduation

Students who wish to earn while learning law can take some jobs that would help fine-tune their future careers as attorneys and lawyers.

1. Legal Intern
Working as legal intern is possible for law students. This means, you work for a lawyer or law firm. Your job is to assist lawyers to prepare documents related to variety of issues from rents and sale deeds to defense of criminals. Additionally, you may be required to take notes of legal arguments or other issues during a court session.

2. Legal Transcriptionist
India is a huge market for transcriptions of various types. This also includes legal transcriptions. As law student, you can work as legal transcriptionist. Your task is listening to discussions between a lawyer and client, talks between a group of lawyers or legal experts over a specific case and notes taken during courtroom proceedings. The data has to be sifted for relevant information that is typed and stored on computers for future reference.

3. Law Office Clerk
Meaning, you will perform various clerical functions for a lawyer or law firm. The job requires basic knowledge of law. You may have to type variety of legal documents such as affidavits, legal notices and contracts of all sorts. Also, you will have to check errors in these documents and draw the attention of your employer, before the final draft is prepared.

Working in these jobs prepares you beforehand for a career in this field. It helps you develop vital contacts with well-established and reputed lawyers and provides excellent insights into the profession. Further, you also get an opportunity to earn some money to defray expenses related to studying at a law school.

Job Opportunities after Graduation

In India, the most common law degree is Legum Baccalaureus, which also means Bachelor of Law. It is also known by the common abbreviation, LLB. To earn an LLB degree, you can take a three-year course after completing graduation or five-year course upon completion of Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent. Upon graduation, you have several job opportunities.

4. Legal Assistant
Working a legal assistant is usually the first step towards becoming a full-fledged lawyer. You will assist a lawyer or a legal team on various issues related to civil, corporate or criminal cases, as may be required. You may also have to attend court hearings on behalf of the lawyer representing a client.

5. Legal Counselor
A legal counselor is someone who counsels people on what they need to do for complying with the country civil, corporate or criminal laws and defend against potential lawsuits. Your job includes highlighting various options and informing clients about their pros and cons before they sign up with your law firm.

6. Legal Advisor
A legal advisor is a lawyer who works for a company and is well versed in civil, corporate and criminal laws, among others. Your job is to ensure that all business dealings of your employer are in compliance with various laws. These include everything from framing company policies, employee contracts, compliance with industrial and other relevant laws, negotiations with labor unions and settlement of disputes.

7. Legal Analyst
A legal analyst’s role is studying various laws and using them to draft contracts, claims and other legal services required by your employer. You will also have to assess claims made against a company or your employer. Legal analysts are generally hired by business houses to ensure their dealings comply with the law and to plug loopholes if any.

8. Advocate
Working as advocate or attorney is full-time profession for law graduates. However, before working as advocate or opening your own law firm, you will need sufficient experience in functioning of the Indian judiciary and adequate exposure to cases. Also, you will require an extensive network of contacts to ensure you have adequate clients.

In Conclusion
Law students and lawyers are highly respected in India. You can make a great career in law with adequate skills acquired while studying for the LLB degree and later, at junior positions under a lawyer or with law firm. Though graduates from streams like engineering and medicine are also respected, their employability remains dubious as increasing number of graduates from these streams struggle to get jobs. Given this scenario, making a career in law is a great option.

As foreign companies open business in India, the demand for corporate lawyers and legal advisors has increased. These companies are required to comply with every Indian law, similar to their local counterparts. Hence, they hire law graduates at very lucrative salaries. Further, Indian companies are increasingly hiring in-house lawyers to adapt to changing scenarios of doing business and various new rules and regulations being implemented in the country.