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Draft Directions On Repurchase Transactions (Repo) (Reserve Bank) 2018 - Comments Invited

The Reserve Bank of India on Mar 01, 2018 released Draft Directions on Repurchase transactions (Repo) (Reserve Bank) 2018. available here

Comments on the draft directions are invited from banks, market participants and other interested parties by March 16, 2018.

Feedback on the draft directions may be forwarded to:

The Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India 
Financial Markets Regulation Department 
1st Floor, Main Building
Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg,
Mumbai – 400001

Or by email (fmrdfeedback@rbi.org.in) with subject line “Feedback on draft directions on Repurchase transactions (Repo) 2018”.


Reserve Bank of India in its Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies dated February 7, 2018 announced that RBI will issue a streamlined and simplified Comprehensive Repo Directions with a view to harmonize regulations across different types of collateral and also to encourage wider participation, especially for repos in corporate bonds and debentures.

Accordingly, a draft Repurchase transaction (Repo) (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2018 is being issued for feedback.

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