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Draft Companies (Authorised To Register) 2nd Amendment Rules 2018 - Comments Invited

Ministry of Corporate Affairs' Notice inviting comments on the draft Companies (Authorised to Register) Second Amendment Rules, 2018 dated 20th March 2018, reads as follows:-

The draft Companies (Authorised To Register) Second Amendment Rules, 2018 have been placed on the Ministry’s website for suggestions/ comments (link: https://goo.gl/PNynyJ).

Suggestions/ comments on the draft rules along with justifications in brief may be sent latest by 9th April 2018 through email at comments authorised.st@mca.gov.in. It is requested that the name, contact number, email address and postal address of the sender be indicated clearly at the time of sending suggestions/comments in the following format:-

Format for sending suggestions/comments

1. Name, contact number, email address and postal address of stakeholder

2. Suggestions/comments as under

| Serial Number | Rule Number | Suggestion/ comments | Justification |

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