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Section 67, Contract Act 1872: Effect Of Promisee's Neglect To Afford Promisor...

Section 67 under the Chapter IV (Of the performance of contracts, Contracts which must be performed) of the Contract Act, 1872 of India - 'Effect of neglect of promisee to afford promisor reasonable facilities for performance', is reproduced hereunder:—

“If any promisee neglects or refuses to afford the promisor reasonable facilities for the performance of his promise, the promisor is excused by such neglect or refusal as to any non-performance caused thereby.


A contracts with B to repair B's house.
B neglects or refuses to point out to A the places in which his house requires repair.

A is excused for the non-performance of the contract, if it is caused by such neglect or refusal.”

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