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[DCA] Advisory To Use Stickers Etc. For MRP Due To Revision Of GST Upto 31 Mar 2018

Department of Consumer Affairs (Legal Metrology Division) letter dated 23rd December 2017 to the Controllers of Legal Metrology of all States/UTs, with regard to labeling of MRP of pre-packaged commodities after Implementation/ reduction of GST, is reproduced as under:-

1. Reference is invited to this office letter No. WM-10(31)/2017 dated 04.7.2017 and 29.9.2017 where in exercise of the powers conferred by rule 33(1) of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, the Central Government permitted manufacturers or packers or importers of pre-packaged commodities to declare the changed retail sale price (MRP) on the unsold stock manufactured/ packed/ imported prior to 1st July, 2017 after duly accounting for/adjusting input credit, in addition to the existing retail sale price (MRP), up to 31st December, 2017 by way of stamping or putting stickers or on line printing.

2. Further, as the rates of GST were reduced by the Government, vide this office letter No. WM-10(31)/2017 dated 16.11.2017, permission was granted under sub-rule (3) of rule 6 of the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, to affix an additional sticker or stamping or online printing for declaring the reduced MRP on pre-packaged commodities including in unsold stocks manufactured/ packed/ imported after 1st July, 2017 where the MRP would reduce due to reduction in the rate of GST post 1st July, 2017.

3. The undersigned is directed to state that considering the requests received from manufactures/traders and industries permission granted under the above mentioned letters is hereby extended till 31st March, 2018.

NB. The details of the "undersigned" in point #3 is mentioned in the letter.

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