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Section 4, Whistle Blowers Protection Act 2014: Requirement Of Public Interest Disclosure

The contents of Section 4 (Requirement of public interest disclosure) under Chapter II (Public interest disclosure) of the Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2014, is reproduced as under:—

“(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in the provisions of the Official Secrets Act, 1923 (19 of 1923), any public servant or any other person including any non-governmental organisation, may make a public interest disclosure before the Competent Authority.

(2) Any disclosure made under this Act shall be treated as public interest disclosure for the purposes of this Act and shall be made before the Competent Authority and the complaint making the disclosure shall, on behalf of the Competent Authority, be received by such authority as may be specified by regulations made by the Competent Authority.

(3) Every disclosure shall be made in good faith and the person making disclosure shall make a personal declaration stating that he reasonably believes that the information disclosed by him and allegation contained therein is substantially true.

(4) Every disclosure shall be made in writing or by electronic mail or electronic mail message in accordance with the procedure as may be prescribed and contain full particular sand be accompanied by supporting documents, or other materials, if any.

(5) The Competent Authority may, if it deems fit, call for further information or particulars from the person making the disclosure.

(6) No action shall be taken on public interest disclosure by the Competent Authority if the disclosure does not indicate the identity of the complainant or public servant making public interest disclosure or the identity of the complainant or public servant is found incorrect or false.”

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