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5 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending

Wedding invitations are the one of the most important parts of the wedding. There are also certain dos and don’ts of wedding invites that you should keep in mind so as not to make any mistakes with them. The most important thing to remember is that the wedding invitation is the first thing that anyone sees in your wedding. When you send out the wedding invitations, the guest will get an idea about what they can expect for the wedding. So let your wedding invitation reflect your style - go bold and funky or soft elegant floral, whatever you like best.

Here are some latest trends for wedding invitations that will surely inspire you!

Bold Colours
Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending
(Credit: Pinterest)
Plain vanilla black and white invitations have now given way to bold colour schemes. A moody and bold color palette can look great on the wedding invitations. You can print it in navy or deep plum. Thereafter, you can be sure that the wedding invitation will be something that the guests will preserve for time to come. Jewel tones are the ideal choice for winter and fall wedding. However, you need to keep the look of your wedding appropriate. Add some brightness with punch of metallic or ink color.

Envelope Liners
Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending
(Credit: printed. com)
It will be difficult to find out a stationery designer is not having a little fun with the envelope liners. Keep in mind that the inner layer is the first thing that the guests will notice when they tear open the invitation. Liners offer a great finishing touch to the wedding invitation design. This is just like a sketch, skyline, or a personal detail as the wedding date. If you want to make it more eye-catching then you should pair it with a colored envelope.

Calligraphy Writing
Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending
(Credit: Designs by Robyn Love)
Ornate calligraphy, pretty penmanship, and also fanciful flourishes are available in plenty. Calligraphers are putting in effort to create modern, new, and fresh hands. Elegant calligraphy on your wedding invitation will lend a beautiful touch to it no matter what design you choose. Even if you don’t want calligraphy on the entire wording you can at least get your names done in a beautiful way.

Watercolor Designs
Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending
(Credit: ohsobeautifulpaper. com)
This is a subtle way of adding color to paper. It has a romantic and delicate feel when it is fashioned in pastels. It offers a wild and bold vibe when brushed with bright colored hues. You have to go for something which will suit your overall wedding style. Make sure that you add the design to the all the elements of the invitation suite such as an envelope liner or reply card.

Wedding Invitation Ideas That Are Trending
(Credit: Wedding Monograms by Bellus Designs)
Go for custom monograms and not the letter locking designs. This will offer a whole new look to the wedding invitations. Keep elements that are meaningful and will represent the newlyweds. Use this idea for everything in the wedding.

The invitation will help in making a good first impression on the guests. It sets the tone for the wedding. It is a good way to offer the guest a special treat to come home. This is because physical mail is turning out to be more and more uncommon.

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