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5 Social Media Marketing Trends In 2017

As an area of the digital sphere, social media marketing is changing rapidly. New marketing trends appear every year due to the blistering technological development and multiple fresh features implemented in social networks.

Aimed at the successful business, most of the marketers have already got acquainted with the world of social media and now are busy with an effective integration of social media tendencies and the principal strategies of their business. Make the applications and features offered by social networks contribute to your success in business! First of all, to keep up with the pace of top marketers, pay attention to the most significant social media trends 2017.

Invasion of video content

By now, it is obvious: video content makes up the bulk of materials in social media. Having started several years ago, in 2017 the tendency made much headway. It was expected. Social networks offer more and more new applications for video content: Live Video, 360-videos, and Lifestage were introduced by Facebook. Most of Instagram users became fond of the new option of Instagram Stories and 60-Second Videos. What’s more, the Facebook platform makes it possible for the users to save a video to watch it later.

Having mastered the additional opportunities offered by new features, the audience is inspired for posting even greater amounts of video materials every day. And they do have reason by acting so. Video content is indeed helpful for marketing purposes.

To make certain you’ve taken the advantages of these trends in social media marketing to the fullest, create animated videos. This is another tendency of 2017. Such approach will help you to stand out from the crowd.

ChatBots boosting CRM

Needless to say, if you are aimed at success in business, you should make use of social media and CRM. Due to social media, you will get closer to the potential audience, due to the ChatBots you will always be there to provide the real-time help to the clients. Hence, ChatBot is one more valuable point on the list of current marketing trends.

ChatBot is already represented on the platform of Telegram messenger and Vine. In 2016, Facebook introduced Messenger Platform bots. But in figures, it sounds even more impressive: the number of bots created on the Messenger Platform makes up 12,000!

It is not just some cute option. The ChatBot performs a very important function: it helps you to simplify the user’s access to your offer as they tend to count on the messaging app services. Look, the number of the Whatsapp clients exceeds 1 billion, and it is not the final point.

What advantages can we get due to the launched ChatBots? The opportunities of the most productive employee are pale in comparison with the ChatBox productivity and operation speed. That’s why your client will not have to wait long for the answer to his question. Such helpers are never tired: they provide services of decent quality all day, and they don’t need any salary for that! It is a part of reasonable and effective marketing strategy.


In recent years, mobile traffic prevails over the desktop traffic that enlarged the list of social media trends 2017. Facebook announced the 20% rise in the number of active mobile users in comparison with the previous year; Instagram is a purely mobile application. Since mobile users are the most active ones, this should be the target audience of your business too.

Google confessed that now the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are ranked highly. It means you badly need to take this detail into account if you do want to help your user find the way to your blog or landing page. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages to get to the top! Besides, AMP brings down the bounce rate!

Personalized and paid content as a magic wand

Paid content has already proved its worthiness to the multiple companies having boosted their presentation in social media. It is not only about the accessibility, but also about conversion, interaction with clients and sponsored ads. In other words, this is about success. That’s why it is one of the current marketing trends you need to pay attention to not to get lost in the long list of your rivals.

But the increasing number of ads every user encounters on social media made him resistant to this abundance. Well, people accommodate themselves to any inconveniences. Obviously, they try not to pay attention to all the unnecessary posts invading their newsfeeds, and those remain unseen. To satisfy the users, social networks implement new solutions. For instance, Facebook introduced changes in the newsfeed formation system in 2017. From now on, their users will not suffer from irrelevant content as their newsfeed will only consist of the posts and ads reflecting their interests.

That means you need personalized content. Influencer Marketing will help you to attract the attention of your audience and create some intrigue to keep them interested. Find your client and don’t let him go. In this concern, the market analytics will be most helpful.

Automation as a must

Since your target is a successful business, you need to get ready to interact with millions of users and millions of rivals. To get your prize in this competition, be smart and choose your methods wisely. The approaches of traditional marketing cannot be applied here. With the huge number of repeated tasks and the tones of information to verify every day, you can only succeed in digital marketing if you make it automated.

To find your path to your audience is a tiresome job. You need to take into account a great many factors to make certain you know what you are doing. For this, digital marketers need to optimize some part of their work to get maximal results. Automation is a real solution. Such tools have already proven their worthiness and, besides, their price is getting lower these days.

Newest social media trends do not offer a panacea for all woes in business: you have to take into account a lot of factors to succeed, but due to them you can get more than expected. Update your knowledge on the sphere and upgrade your business!

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