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[GST] Procurement Of Supplies Of Goods From DTA By EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP Units

Central Board of Excise and Customs has issued Circular No. 14/14 /2017 - GST dated the 6th November, 2017, with respect to procedure regarding procurement of supplies of goods from DTA by Export Oriented Unit (EOU) / Electronic Hardware Technology Park (EHTP) Unit / Software Technology Park (STP) Unit / Bio-Technology Parks (BTP) Unit under deemed export benefits under section 147 of CGST Act, 2017. The contents of the said circular is reproduced as under:-

1. In accordance with the decisions taken by the GST Council in its 22nd meeting held on 06.10.2017 at New Delhi to resolve certain difficulties being faced by exporters post-GST, it has been decided that supplies of goods by a registered person to EOUs etc. would be treated as deemed exports under Section 147 of the CGST Act, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Act’) and refund of tax paid on such supplies can be claimed either by the recipient or supplier of such supplies. Accordingly, Notification No. 48/2017-Central Tax dated 18.10.2017 has been issued to treat such supplies to EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP units as deemed exports. Further, rule 89 of the CGST Rules, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Rules’) has been amended vide Notification No. 47/2017- Central Tax dated 18.10.2017 to allow either the recipient or supplier of such supplies to claim refund of tax paid thereon.

2. For supplies to EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP units in terms of Notification No. 48/2017- Central Tax dated 18.10.2017, the following procedure and safeguards are prescribed -

(i) The recipient EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP unit shall give prior intimation in a prescribed proforma in "Form–A" (appended herewith) bearing a running serial number containing the goods to be procured, as pre-approved by the Development Commissioner and the details of the supplier before such deemed export supplies are made. The said intimation shall be given to –
(a) the registered supplier;
(b) the jurisdictional GST officer in charge of such registered supplier; and
(c) its jurisdictional GST officer.

(ii) The registered supplier thereafter will supply goods under tax invoice to the recipient EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP unit.

(iii) On receipt of such supplies, the EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP unit shall endorse the tax invoice and send a copy of the endorsed tax invoice to –
(a) the registered supplier;
(b) the jurisdictional GST officer in charge of such registered supplier; and
(c) its jurisdictional GST officer.

(iv) The endorsed tax invoice will be considered as proof of deemed export supplies by the registered person to EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP unit.

(v) The recipient EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP unit shall maintain records of such deemed export supplies in digital form, based upon data elements contained in "Form-B" (appended herewith). The software for maintenance of digital records shall incorporate the feature of audit trail. While the data elements contained in the Form-B are mandatory, the recipient units will be free to add or continue with any additional data fields, as per their commercial requirements. All recipient units are required to enter data accurately and immediately upon the goods being received in, utilized by or removed from the said unit. The digital records should be kept updated, accurate, complete and available at the said unit at all times for verification by the proper officer, whenever required. A digital copy of Form – B containing transactions for the month, shall be provided to the jurisdictional GST officer, each month (by the 10th of month) in a CD or Pen drive, as convenient to the said unit.

3. The above procedure and safeguards are in addition to the terms and conditions to be adhered to by a EOU / EHTP / STP / BTP unit in terms of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2015- 20 and the duty exemption notification being availed by such unit.

4. It is requested that suitable trade notices may be issued to publicize the contents of this circular.

5. Difficulty, if any, in implementation of the above instructions may please be brought to the notice of the Board. Hindi version would follow.

Formats of Form A and Form B are available in the circular.

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