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5 Best Marketing Software To Boost Your Business

The use of downloadable application programs and cloud services for business - both simple, like Google Disk, and high-level, highly specialized - does not just increase the usability but also allows you to save money, monitor the market, study and retain customers. We have collected the most popular of marketing software, which will greatly simplify your life. There are many other valuable tools that help the private entrepreneur and business better organize the process, and even make it more productive.

A software product for automation of analytical and management accounting of financial and economic activities in a trading company. Automate inputting of sales, purchases, goods movements with a barcode scanner. Accounting for goods in several units simultaneously.

Namely, you can buy goods in one unit of measurement (box, packaging, etc.), and sell - in another unit of measurement. The calculation of the correspondence between different units of measurement occurs automatically according to entered coefficients for each product. The same situation, when you’re asking for help with assignments - you do have a result, but you do nothing.

Cloud ecosystem for business. Includes modules: CRM, Marketing, Document Management, Orders, Telephony, Analytics, Warehousing and Financial Accounting, Email-mailing, Chat, and others. The user company runs the whole team in one window of the same application, constantly measuring the efficiency and analyzing the work of each department.

In FreshOffice CRM is a fine answer, when “how to increase online sales” question arises. It is an example of an updated built-in mail client. Now the whole mail circulation of the box is available on the list. You can create tasks directly from the letter, then perform them yourself or instruct another responsible person. In the built-in mail client, the list of all e-mail messages is identified. Any unidentified message can be converted to a new client or added a new destination to an existing one.

Online accounting for beginners. It provides a simpler interface for billing, receiving payments, banking transactions, creating reports, submitting reports to the tax and funds. The company 1C launched the service 1C: BusinessStart, which allows you to keep a record without knowledge of accounting and without an accountant. Of course, it works on the 1C: Accounting platform, but it has a simpler interface for billing, receiving payments, banking operations and creating reports. By clicking on the "Hand over account" task, an "assistant" mode is opened in which it is possible to compile, check and send all forms of reporting to the Federal Tax Service, FIU, and other funds and pay all taxes. Of course, everything mentioned helps to move fast to pretend your business left behind.

This freely available product is a powerful modern tool for automating the operational activities of sales and service departments. It is one of the best marketing ideas, has a built-in reporting system, it is easy to customize to the features of the enterprise and allows all employees of the enterprise to work with a single information array of counterparties.

This system takes into account all the information about counterparties and personnel, classifying and systematizing them, provides means for group processing, automating warehouse and cash accounting, forming price lists and tracking business processes.

It has a built-in mail client, a configurator and a report designer with open source support, the ability to access users remotely, and a host of other advantages.

iPhone is not only an indispensable means of communication, without which we seem to find ourselves on an uninhabited island but also a useful assistant in business. We bring to your attention useful and free applications that will greatly simplify your day and boost your productivity.

Evernote Scannable
The Evernote Scannable application was created to ensure that all papers are in their place. So you can save all the small records for you, just by scanning them with the camera phone. Now you will not lose business cards, scraps with phone numbers, notes, and so on.

30/30 - to perform tasks on time. The application will give you 30 minutes for each task, and then offer to move on to the next one. Do not worry: you would be able to finish a small task in 5 minutes and save time for more advertising ideas.

Send Anywhere
Send Anywhere is a convenient method for sending files. With this application, you can send documents of any size.