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5 Easy Ways To Find First Copywriting Clients

Many experienced copywriters forget about searching for orders - either clients themselves find them through recommendations, profiles, and blogs, or there are some several long-term projects. But, copywriting for beginners can be unprofitable - sometimes they have to look for new projects every day and, alas, this process "eats" a huge amount of time. To simplify your job search, use the list of methods, which will help you get clients if you find inspiration in copywriting.

1. Look for SEO studios

If you look through the rating, you will see that there is a huge number of companies engaged in search engine optimization. And in 95% of cases, they need content. Excellent, useful, of a high quality and adapted to the right requests. If you can offer them such content and know the basics of search engine optimization, then your services will be very much in demand. Of course, you need to offer these services.

If you are well versed in a commercial niche, the question ‘how to get your first clients’ won’t arise in your head. Such specialists, even now, when dumping flourishes everywhere, are very highly appreciated and are always in demand. Work at SEO studio won't bring you millions, but you can earn $ 5-15 for 1000 signs, especially if you specialize in a limited area. Another plus of companies, though not all, is a limited career growth with an increase in the amount of payment (it is called the grading system).

2. Address businesspersons

Strange enough, but 90% of web writers do not even try to cooperate with businesspersons. The last are the best clients for a copywriter. One executive with their online project pays more than 5 webmasters and 3 SEO specialists combined. You have to be able to work with such clients. Find out what amount of money executives' pay and how to work with in business.

Businesspersons use social networks. It's funny, but you can catch a potential employer in a group about business. This can be done in any thematic page on Facebook. The subscription to such pages will present you an opportunity to find expensive customers who will become permanent and provide you with copywriting work such as writing business plan.

3. Try marketing agencies

The main difference of this source of orders from SEO companies is that marketing agencies work not only to attract traffic, but also to increase sales. The effect is achieved with the help of selling pages and a customized advertising campaign. If you know how to create marketing texts for landings, then your services will be very much in demand.

Branding agencies create image advertising (outdoor advertising, banners, signs, slogans, etc.). If you manage to sell your services to them, some of the work can be delegated to you. Although, we must admit that such companies prefer to keep copywriters in the state. Be prepared to be offered a test task.

4. Go through local companies

70% of companies, stores, small firms have their own websites, which consist of texts. Not ordinary texts, but full of grammar and punctuation mistakes. Your task is to use the search and find all the companies with poor texts on their landings. Call the company, which is terrible in creating texts, and suggest DM meet in their office under the pretext of increasing sales, improving the textual material of sites and business advice.

Conduct thorough research of the texts and highlight blunders. You should be able to introduce your opinion of the issue and present own version of the text on a certain topic (prepare it earlier). Your knowledge and experience will be very valuable for a potential employer. That’s why you have to show your in-depth understanding of the company’s product and point the ways to increase efficiency.  Be ready to write a text that is 10 times better than the one that flaunts on the site.

5. Send your resume

There is another way of how to get clients  – posting a resume. The principle is simple: you create a resume, place it on LinkedIn or other similar website and wait for the employers to find you. The main task is to write the resume correctly. In some cases, you may be invited to an interview and offer a job in the state. Consider opportunities here. Work with the staff deprives you of freedom (to some degree) but gives a lot of invaluable experience, by which you will soon cease to be a novice very quickly (in 3-6 months).

You can combine different copywriting occupations until you find your path, or until you get an excess of orders that you will not be able to complete. For you, this will mean an increase in the level and motivation to think about organizing a work process or raising prices.

Another possible way to use your resume to search for orders: look through the list of copywriter vacancies and offer services to those who need them. If you don’t want to join the staff, focus on remaining a freelance writer and use arguments:

- Ability to work on weekends
- Capacity to stay online at a specified time to interact with employees, etc.

Find the employer who will respect you and your skills. Trying these tips, you won’t be left unemployed!

About the author: Helen Birk is a freelance writer at EduBirdie United Kingdom and a fan of creating content. She knows everything about copywriting job and don’t get tired sharing her experience and useful tips for the beginners in the field. Helen helps students around the world with their assignment and finds time for personal development as a writer.