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The Policy of Donald Trump and its Impact on Education

“It doesn’t hurt to get more education”, the words many Americans have heard from the future Presidential nominee Donald Trump, but is it possible under his leadership now? And what will Trump really do with an educational system of the USA? Many Americans started asking these questions after President’s speech about eliminating the Department of Education completely on national television before he was actually elected.

Does Trump have a college degree to be competent enough to speak about such an important issue? Donald Trump entered Fordham University in 1964, but only two years later young Trump decided to follow the footsteps of his father, that is why he transferred to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to study real-estate studies. Donald Trump College major is Bachelor of Science in economics and he is very proud of it, although there are many rumors, saying that he hasn’t obtained it at all. Regarding his college education Trump said it was not his cup of tea and he even thought of becoming a movie star once, but real estate always means big money, so this has determined his future. Being an ambitious billionaire, Donald Trump has decided to reach new heights as the President of the most powerful and influential country on the world map; he has already begun implementing his ambitious policy, so let us outline what the President has prepared and is realizing in the educational sector now:
  • Trump card of the President
Trump is considering reorganizing the educational system by investing 20 billion dollars in federal funding into a program of school choice; now even poor families have a choice whether to choose private, charter or district school for their kids to attend by using state grants. Each school will have vouchers and will be financed both from federal and state budgets. In Trump’s opinion, this will lead to easy access to a high-quality education for underprivileged strata of the population, but we can only guess what will happen in reality, what programs will be cut off the funding and what consequences we will have in future.
  • Fail or win?
Another great issue is the controversial figure of businesswomen Betsy DeVos, the 11th Secretary of Education. She is treated to be unqualified and lack the professionalism by many American politicians, that is why her candidature was not supported by both Democrats and Republicans, and her fate rested in the hands of Vice President, Mike Pence, who gave her a deciding vote. The protests and misunderstanding follow her wherever she goes; the same is with her policy towards alternative schooling opportunities; the current Secretary of Education never went to public school as well as her children that is why many people argue whether she can be responsible for the education in the USA. Political scientists say that charter and voucher schools, so preferred by Betsy DeVos, are not a panacea for educational reorganizing, and can be a cause of great potential scandals; I am speaking now of the statistics which have shown the fact that students, who got vouchers and had been attending private schools for a year had shown worse academic results, than those, who attended ordinary public schools. This could be an isolated incident, but we can’t stand by if it happens again. Betsy DeVos is also closely connected with a protection of for-profit schools and rolling back some of Obama’s regulations which, in turn, lead to students being defrauded much easier and even to major cases of fraud in higher education system; just remember so-called “Trump University” and the scandal over its name, the false statements and consumers’ defraud.
  • Trump effect in schools
The 45th President’s views on the future of the USA are very controversial for many Americans, though very long-awaited for others. We may speak of his restrictive policy towards the immigration, which has also led to problems with schooling; children, whose parents are immigrants, having experienced the tough atmosphere they already have at home after Trump’s signing an order, started being afraid of their future. Some people treat such policy as illegal, comparing President’s plans with those of Adolf Hitler, but will it help America to prosper in the long run we may only see with a passage of time.
  • Cancel it all
Many political scientists see Trump as pursuing a “policy of cancellation”; he wants to repeal Common Core nationally, considering it a disaster of a country; but Common Core is a set of standards and the states have the power to adopt it or ignore on their own. The second step is to change a federal student loan program by ending Public Service Loan Forgiveness, stopping Subsidized Stafford Loans and expanding Pell Grants. This has also got a very serious negative response as only undergraduate borrowers with high income and large debt loads can benefit from this. His next step consists of repealing of the final Barack Obama’s educational achievement – Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA), which would lead to paying much more attention to schools, attended by not native English speakers; this way they and their achievements would be tracked in more detail. This cancellation is thought to be an attempt of Trump’s administration to gain more power and influence.

Reforms in educational policy are one of the main parts of any presidential election campaign in any country, so having a good road map is a perfect opportunity for getting success. The head of the state is not an exception, he has proposed a unique view of the old system, which will have a great effect on the future of the country for sure and we may only guess will it have a positive or negative impact on the country later.

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