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Formulation Of National Policy For Domestic Workers

Ministry of Labour and Employment's Notice dated 10th October 2017 regarding Formulation of National Policy for Domestic Workers, is as follows:-

1. It is hereby informed that the Ministry of Labour & Employment) Government of India is considering to formulate a National Policy for Domestic Workers.

2. Broadly, the policy proposes to cover the following:

i. Various terms such as part time workers, full time workers and live in workers, employer, private placement agency etc. to be clearly defined.
ii. Aim to explicitly and effectively expand the scope of applicable legislations, policies and schemes to grant domestic workers rights that are enshrined in laws for other category of workers, including minimum wages, equal remuneration etc.
iii. Setting up Institutional mechanisms which provide for social security cover, fair terms of employment, grievance redressal and dispute resolution.
iv. Facilitate recognition of Domestic Worker as 'workers', with the right to register themselves as workers with the state labour department or any other suitable mechanism.
v. Promoting the rights to organize and form their own unions/association and affiliate with other unions/associations.
vi. Promote right to enhance skills through skill development programmes for getting better employment opportunities.
vii. Promote right to fair terms of employment relating to minimum wages, protection from abuse/harassment and violence, access to social security benefits such as health insurance, maternity benefits and old age pensions as provided by the existing and upcoming schemes of Central and State Governments, which may include contribution from employers/workers.
viii. Consider establishing a model contract for employment with well defined periods of work and rest etc.
ix. Regulation of Recruitment and Placement Agencies by the respective Governments through formulation of a policy.
x. Tripartite implementation committees at Central, State and District levels.

3 The General Public is hereby invited to give their comments/opinions in this regard to Shri Rajit Punhani, Director General Labour Welfare, Ministry of Labour & Employment through Dak at the address O/o DGLW, Jaisalmer House, 26, Mansingh Road, New Delhi-110011 or email at punhanir@nic.in within a period of one month from the date of issue of this notice.

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