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Report Of Task Force On Improving Employment Data - For Public Comments By 23-Jul-2017

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Job creation, employment and unemployment have been important subjects of debate in India. However, recently, this debate has been taking place in a vacuum. The available estimates are either out-dated or based on surveys with design flaws that render them unsuitable for inferring nationwide employment level.

Recognizing these facts, the Government of India appointed a Task Force for improving employment data in India on May 11, 2017 under the chairmanship of Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog (Annexure 1). The mandate of the task force includes assessing existing data systems and sources on job creation, examining prospects for using any existing data sources to obtain quick estimates of jobs created in recent years and recommending mechanisms for future data collection so as to place employment estimates on sound footing.

The Task Force held four meetings. This report is based on the conclusions of the discussions that took place at these meetings. The report summarizes the current state of data collection on employment, unemployment and wages in India, discusses the practices in this area in the United States and the United Kingdom and makes recommendations that would create a 21st century statistical system in India for the generation of comprehensive employment, unemployment and wage estimates on a sustained basis. Much has changed in terms of India’s data needs as well data collection technologies since our original data-gathering systems were instituted. Future debates on the labour force, employment, unemployment and wages should take place around reliable and high-quality estimates.

The full report along with Annexure-1 - available at Ministry of Labour and Employment's website.

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