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Proposed Online Proforma For Raising Industrial Disputes (Sec 2-A & 2-K)

Ministry of Labour and Employment's notice dated 18th July, 2017 regarding proposed Online Proforma for raising Industrial Disputes under Section 2-A and 2-K of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, is as under:

With the aim to achieve the objectives of simplifying procedures for raising Industrial Disputes by individual workmen or trade unions, easily, hassle-free and quickly, two proforma are developed for filing of Industrial Disputes online by workmen or trade unions under Section 2-A and 2-K of the ID Act, 1947.

2. The salient features of the online proforma are:
i) These are user friendly, simple and easy to understand;
ii) A Workman/Trade Union can file their dispute by themselves online without any outside help;
iii) Initially it is proposed to be in English and Hindi and gradually, Proforma in English and translation in all scheduled languages is proposed, so that the workmen/trade union can file one's dispute in one's language; and
iv) Facility of SMS alert will also be provided to the workmen as and when necessary to disseminate the required information.

3. You are therefore, requested to send your comments/suggestions to this Ministry within 15 days from the date of issue of this letter or through e-mail to pk.bidua@gov.in.

THE PROFORMAS ARE AVAILABLE HERE FOR DOWNLOAD at Ministry of Labour and Employment's  website

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