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[DGFT] GST Facilitation Cell & Help Desk For GST Issues Related To FTP

DGFT's Trade Notice No. 08/2018 dated the 8th June 2017 to, all Regional Offices of DGFT and Members of Trade regarding Constitution of GST Facilitation Cell, is as under:

1. To ensure smooth and successful rollout of GST w.e.f. 1st July 2017, the likely date of implementation of GST, it is decided to constitute a 'GST Facilitation Cell' in DGFT Headquarter and all Regional offices of DGFT to serve as the first point of contact for addressing any issues regarding GST in respect of Foreign Trade Policy.

2. 'GST Facilitation Ceil', DGFT is headed by Shri Nikunj Kumar Srivastava, Add!. DGFT (email: nikunj.srivastava@nic.in) and Shri Rakesh Kumar, Joint DGFT (email: r.kumar73@nic.in) & Shri Kaushlendra Pratap Singh, Dy.DGFT (email: kaushlendrap.singh@nic.in) as members of the Cell.

3. On the same lines, all Regional Authorities have been advised to constitute a similar 'GST Facilitation Cell' for addressing GST related issues in respect of Foreign Trade Policy.

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DGFT's Trade Notice No. 10/2018 dated the 14th June, 2017 to, 1. All RA's of DGFT 2. Members of Trade and Industry 3. All EPCs/Commodity Boards regarding Constitution of Help Desk for GST issues related to Foreign Trade Policy, is as under:

1. In continuance of Trade Notice No. 08/2018 dated 8th June 2017 and in furtherance of objectives stated in the said trade notice, it is decided to constitute a GST Help Desk in DGFT Headquarters to reply queries on GST related to Foreign Trade Policy.

2. The GST Help Desk can be contacted over phone at 011-23063080/ over e-mail id gstcell-dgft@gov.in

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