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Comprehensive Guide For Current Statistics Section Of RBI Monthly Bulletin

The Reserve Bank of India in its press release # 2016-2017/3426 on 20th June, 2017 has released a Comprehensive Guide for Current Statistics of the RBI Monthly Bulletin. The Current Statistics portion of the RBI Monthly Bulletin contains summary forms of statistics and information which reflects the changing pattern of economic activity in the country.

Comprehensive Guide for Current Statistics of the RBI Monthly Bulletin

The contents of the Current Statistics are reviewed and reoriented from time to time to capture the development in the Indian economy.

The Monthly Bulletin currently contains 46 tables which cover balance sheet of the Reserve Bank, money and banking, prices and production, government accounts and treasury bills, financial markets, external sector and payment and settlement systems.

Apart from the print version, time series versions of all the Bulletin tables are available through the Database of Indian Economy (DBIE).

This guide explains various data items and linkage among different tables which will be helpful in enhancing the understanding of the data.

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