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ICAI Invites Feedbacks & Improvement Ideas - Service Delivery Of MCA As Desired By National Productivity Council (NPC)

Request to give feedbacks and improvement ideas in the present service delivery of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as desired by National Productivity Council (NPC).

This is with regard to the feedback/ suggestions invited by the National Productivity Council (NPC) which is an autonomous body and which has been constituted under Union Ministry of Commerce & Industry with the objective of further streamlining processes, resource utilization and identifying the improvement measures of MCA as part of initiatives to improve the service delivery standard of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

NPC has been engaged for the process of study of various functions of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and suggest improvement in the service delivery for improved corporate environment.

To achieve the outlined objective NPC is seeking suggestions, feedbacks and improvement ideas in the present service delivery of MCA through a questionnaire available at the following link:

We request the members to visit the link and provide your feedback and suggestions.

Needless to say that, your valuable suggestions and feedback would be of immense significance in achieving the vision of enhancing the Ministry’s capabilities in policy formulation and regulatory functions for advantage of corporates as well as public and investors at large.

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