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RBI Launches 13th Pilot Round Of Quarterly SIOS – Q1:2017-18

The Reserve Bank of India has launched the 13th pilot round of its Services and Infrastructure Outlook Survey for Q1:2017-18, that is, April - June 2017. The survey seeks from the services and infrastructure companies in India, their assessment of the business situation for the current quarter, that is, April - June 2017 and their expectations for the ensuing quarter, that is Q2:2017-18 (July - September 2017).
The Reserve Bank conducts a regular survey to assess the business sentiments in Services and Infrastructure sectors, which play a pivotal role in economic development. The survey schedule is very short and simple, containing qualitative questions covering a set of seven business indicators, namely, overall business situation, turnover, part-time employees, cost of finance, availability of finance, cost of inputs and profit margin.

Companies in the Services and Infrastructure sectors are encouraged to participate in the survey by downloading the survey schedule from the Reserve Bank’s. The duly authenticated filled-in survey schedule may be e-mailed or faxed as per contact details given in the survey schedule. The responses of the individual companies will be kept strictly confidential.

Any query/clarification may be sent to:
The Director, Division of Enterprise Surveys, Department of Statistics and Information Management, Reserve Bank of India, C-8, 2nd floor, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051. Phone: 022-26578664, 022-26578279; Fax-022-26571555, Please send email to. (dsimsios@rbi.org.in)

Ref: RBI PR : 2016-2017/2982 Date : May 04, 2017

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