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Sec 350 Companies Act 2013: Co. Liquidator to deposit monies into bank

SECTION-350 (Company Liquidator to deposit monies into scheduled bank) under CHAPTER-XX (Winding Up) of the Companies Act, 2013 -

(1) Every Company Liquidator of a company shall, in such manner and at such times as may be prescribed, deposit the monies received by him in his capacity as such in a scheduled bank to the credit of a special bank account opened by him in that behalf:
Provided that if the Tribunal considers that it is advantageous for the creditors or contributories or the company, it may permit the account to be opened in such other bank specified by it.

(2) If any Company Liquidator at any time retains for more than ten days a sum exceeding five thousand rupees or such other amount as the Tribunal may, on the application of the Company Liquidator, authorise him to retain, then, unless he explains the retention to the satisfaction of the Tribunal, he shall—
 (a) pay interest on the amount so retained in excess, at the rate of twelve per cent. per annum and also pay such penalty as may be determined by the Tribunal;
 (b) be liable to pay any expenses occasioned by reason of his default; and

 (c) also be liable to have all or such part of his remuneration, as the Tribunal may consider just and proper, disallowed, or may also be removed from his office.

Extra Notes for Readers

(1) The Companies Act, 2013 received the assent of the President on the 29th August, 2013 (Published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II - Section 1 by Ministry of Law and Justice, Legislative Department on 30th August, 2013).

(2) Section 350 of the Companies Act 2013 was notified by MCA Notification S.O. 3677(E) dated 7th December 2016 (w.e.f. 15th December 2016).

This page was last updated on 27th May, 2017.

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