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Section 20 of Companies Act 2013: Service of Documents

SECTION-20 (Service of Documents) under CHAPTER-II (Incorporation of Company and Matters Incidental thereto) of Companies Act 2013:-

(1) A document may be served on a company or an officer thereof by sending it to the company or the officer at the registered office of the company by registered post or by speed post or by courier service or by leaving it at its registered office or by means of such electronic or other mode as may be prescribed :

Provided that where securities are held with a depository, the records of the beneficial ownership may be served by such depository on the company by means of electronic or other mode.

(2) Save as provided in this Act or the rules made thereunder for filing of documents with the Registrar in electronic mode, a document may be served on Registrar or any member by sending it to him by post or by registered post or by speed post or by courier or by delivering at his office or address, or by such electronic or other mode as may be prescribed :

Provided that a member may request for delivery of any document through a particular mode, for which he shall pay such fees as may be determined by the company in its annual general meeting.

Explanation.—For the purposes of this section, the term "courier" means a person or agency which delivers the document and provides proof of its delivery.

Extra Notes for Readers

(1) The Companies Act, 2013 received the assent of the President on the 29th August, 2013 (Published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II - Section 1 by Ministry of Law and Justice, Legislative Department on 30th August, 2013).

(2) Section 20 of the Companies Act 2013 was notified by MCA Notification S.O. 902(E) dated 26th March 2014 (w.e.f. 1st April 2014).

(3) Refer the following rules of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014
(note: companies (incorporation) rules has been amended from time to time)
  • Rule 35 (Service of documents)
(4) MCA Notification G.S.R. 465(E) dated 5th June 2015

Sl. No.

Provisions of the Companies Act, 2013

Exceptions, modifications and adaptations


Sub-section (2) of Section 20

Shall apply subject to the modification that in the case of a Nidhi, the document may be served only on members who hold shares of more than one thousand rupees in face value or more than one per cent. of the total paid-up share capital of the Nidhis whichever is less.

For other shareholders, document may be served by a public notice in newspaper circulated in the district where the Registered Office of the Nidhi is situated; and publication of the same on the notice board of the Nidhi.

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