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Revised Draft Model GST Law, Draft IGST Law, Draft GST Compensation law

Revised Draft Model GST Law - link
Draft IGST Law - link
Draft GST Compensation Law - link

FAQs on GST in regional languages

Hon'ble FM has released FAQs on GST - link

OM regarding Publication of FAQs on Goods and Service Tax in regional languages - link
FAQs on GST in Assamese - link
FAQs on GST in Gujarati - link
FAQs on GST in Hindi - link
FAQs on GST in Kannada - link
FAQs on GST in Malayalam - link
FAQs on GST in Punjabi - link
FAQs on GST in Telugu - link

Enrolment process of the existing taxpayers for smooth transition to the GST regime has been started w.e.f. 8th Nov. 2016 in phased manner. Initially it is available for the VAT registrants of Sikkim and Puducherry.

The taxpayers may visit www.gst.gov.in and login with the help of temporary ID and password for completing their enrolment process.

Chairman addresses letter to officers -Role of CBEC as work for GST begins - link

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