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Rebate of State Levies on Export of Garments-Revised Rrates

Attention is drawn to Ministry’s Circular Nos.43/2016-Customs dated 31.08.2016 and 47/2016-Customs dated 20.10.2016 regarding implementation of the Scheme for Rebate of State Levies on Export of Garments, 2016 (ROSL Scheme) notified by the Ministry of Textiles.

Now the Central Government (Ministry of Textile) has issued Notification No. 12020/03/2016-IT dated 04.11.2016 revising rates of rebate in Schedule I and Schedule II for the ROSL Scheme effective from “the date the Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue) Notification No. 110/2015-Customs (NT) dated 16.11.2015 stands superseded with revised rates of drawback determined by the Central Government”. This notification may be downloaded from website and perused.
Accordingly, these revised rates on garment exports under ROSL Scheme are applicable to exports with Let Export Order dates from 15.11.2016 onwards which is the same date the revised AIRs of Drawback in terms of Notification No. 131/2016-Customs (N.T.) take effect for implementation. The EDI implementation of the revised ROSL Scheme rates is being undertaken by the Systems Directorate.

Ref: CBEC Circular No. 51/2016-Customs dated 09 November, 2016

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