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Rule 9C of Income Tax Rules 1962: Carrying forward or set-off - Amalgamation

Rule 9C - Conditions for carrying forward or set-off of accumulated loss and unabsorbed depreciation allowance in case of amalgamation

The conditions referred to in clause (iii) of sub-section (2) of section 72A shall be the following, namely :—

(a) the amalgamated company, owning an industrial undertaking of the amalgamating company by way of amalgamation, shall achieve the level of production of at least fifty per cent of the installed capacity of the said undertaking before the end of four years from the date of amalgamation and continue to maintain the said minimum level of production till the end of five years from the date of amalgamation :

  Provided that the Central Government, on an application made by the amalgamated company, may relax the condition of achieving the level of production or the period during which the same is to be achieved or both in suitable cases having regard to the genuine efforts made by the amalgamated company to attain the prescribed level of production and the circumstances preventing such efforts from achieving the same;

(b) the amalgamated company shall furnish to the Assessing Officer a certificate in Form No. 62, duly verified by an accountant, with reference to the books of account and other documents showing particulars of production, along with the return of income for the assessment year relevant to the previous year during which the prescribed level of production is achieved and for subsequent assessment years relevant to the previous years falling within five years from the date of amalgamation.

Explanation.—For the purposes of this rule,—
(a) “installed capacity” means the capacity of production existing on the date of amalgamation; and
(b) “accountant” means the accountant as defined in the Explanation below sub-section (2) of section 288 of the Income-tax Act, 1961.

Extra Notes for Readers:

- Rule 9C was introduced by the Income Tax (Thirty Third Amendment) Rules, 1999, w.e.f. 15-12-1999.

Check at Income Tax Dept. official site for latest version of the Rule.

This page was last updated on 17th October 2016.

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