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Rule 18AAAA of Income Tax Rules 1962: Prescribed Authority - Sec 80G(5C)

Rule 18AAAA : Prescribed authority for the purpose of receiving separate accounts from trusts or funds or institutions for providing relief to the victims of earthquake in Gujarat
(Chapter: IV - Tax Exemptions and Reliefs)

(1) For the purpose of sub-section (5C) of section 80G, the prescribed authority shall be the Director General of Income-tax (Exemptions).

(2) The trust, the fund or the institution, which is established in India for a charitable purpose and is approved in terms of clause (vi) of sub-section (5) shall maintain separate accounts of income and expenditure for providing relief to the victims of earthquake in Gujarat and get such accounts audited by an accountant, as defined in the Explanation to sub-section (2) of section 288 and furnish the report of such audit, duly signed and verified by such accountant to the Director General of Income-tax (Exemptions) in Form No. 10AA. Such authority, on receipt of the accounts in the said form, shall give the finding as to whether the donations received for the purpose of providing relief to the victims of earthquake in Gujarat are chargeable to tax in the hands of the trusts or the fund or the institution under clause (23C) of section 10 or under section 12 or not, as the case may be, and determine the extent thereof.

(3) Where the findings of the Director General of Income-tax (Exemptions) are not beneficial to the assessee, such authority shall give an opportunity to the assessee before making the findings.

(4) The Director General of Income-tax (Exemptions) shall bring his findings to the knowledge of the concerned Assessing Officer within one month of making such findings.

Extra Notes for Readers:

- Rule 18AAAA was introduced by the Income Tax (22nd Amendment) Rules, 2002, w.r.e.f. 3-Feb-2002.

Reference/Source: Check at Income Tax site for latest version of the Rules - link

This page was last updated on 17th October 2016.

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