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Rule 10THC of Income Tax Rules 1962: Safe Harbour

Rule 10THC - Safe Harbour
(Safe Harbour Rules for Specified Domestic Transactions)

(1) Where an eligible assessee has entered into an eligible specified domestic transaction in any previous year relevant to an assessment year and the option exercised by the said assessee is treated to be validly exercised under rule 10THD, the transfer price declared by the assessee in respect of such transaction for that assessment year shall be accepted by the income-tax authorities, if it is in accordance with the circumstances as specified in sub-rule (2).
(2) The circumstances referred to in sub-rule (1) in respect of the eligible specified domestic transaction specified in column (2) of the Table below shall be as specified in the corresponding entry in column (3) of the said Table:—

Eligible specified domestic transaction
Supply of electricity, transmission of electricity, wheeling of electricity referred to in clause (i), (ii) or (iii) of rule 10THB, as the case may be
The tariff in respect of supply of electricity, transmission of electricity, wheeling of electricity, as the case may be, is determined or the methodology for determination of the tariff is approved by the Appropriate Commission in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Act, 2003 (36 of 2003).
Purchase of milk or milk products referred to in clause (iv) of rule 10THB.
The price of milk or milk products is determined at a rate which is fixed on the basis of the quality of milk, namely, fat content and Solid Not FAT (SNF) content of milk ; and—
(a) the said rate is irrespective of,—
the quantity of milk procured;
the percentage of shares held by the members in the co-operative society;
the voting power held by the members in the society; and
(b) such prices are routinely declared by the co-operative society in a transparent manner and are available in public domain.

(3) No comparability adjustment and allowance under the second proviso to sub-section (2) of section 92C shall be made to the transfer price declared by the eligible assessee and accepted under sub-rule (1).

(4) The provisions of sections 92D and 92E in respect of a specified domestic transaction shall apply irrespective of the fact that the assessee exercises his option for safe harbour in respect of such transaction.

Extra Notes for Readers

- Rule 10THC was introduced by the Income Tax (2nd Amendment) Rules, 2015, w.e.f. 4th Feb. 2015

Check at Income Tax Dept. official site for latest version of the Rule.

This page was last updated on 17th October 2016.

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