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Rule 10TG of Income Tax Rules 1962: Mutual Agreement Procedure not to apply

Rule 10TG - Mutual Agreement Procedure not to apply
(Safe Harbour Rules for International Transactions)

Where transfer price in relation to an eligible international transaction declared by an eligible assessee is accepted by the income-tax authorities under section 92CB, the assessee shall not be entitled to invoke mutual agreement procedure under an agreement for avoidance of double taxation entered into with a country or specified territory outside India as referred to in section 90 or 90A.

Extra Notes for Readers:

- Rule 10TG was introduced by the Income Tax (16th Amendment) Rules, 2013, w.e.f. 18-Sep-2013

Check at Income Tax Dept. official site for latest version of the Rule.

This page was last updated on 17th October 2016.

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